Fabrics of All Kinds

Discover our range of gorgeous colours, prints, and textures, including our new designer collections. Book a FREE appointment and visit our showroom today to browse through our selection.


Customise Your Curtains With Us

Never underestimate the effect that custom curtains can have on the look and feel of your home. Whether you want to make a style statement or have a ‘house’ feel more like a home, FELICITA will make it happen for you.



  Industry Leading Curtain Makers

The go-to customisable curtain experts in Malaysia. We’ve designed the best curtains, blinds and wallpaper suited to our client’s tastes and vision.



 Expert Advice With Years Of Experience

FELICITA HOMES DECO has a 11 year legacy in providing premium and luxury curtains for hotels and corporate offices- our experts know what makes a window look good.



 Custom Sourced Quality Fabric

All our curtains and blinds are made with premium quality materials by the best curtain tailors. We are very selective in where we source from Germany, Italy , Belgium, Turkey and China. 



  Handcrafted & Tested Thoroughly

Designer curtains by only the most well experienced curtain tailors in the business. Our team ensures your curtains are both presentable and functional.



  Free Measure & Quote At Your Premise

With your free appointment, we will send over one of our advisors to your home to guide you in finding the perfect curtains for your home.



   Professional In-house Tailoring

All services from FELICITA are provided by an in-house team of curtain experts. We provide repairs, customisations and many more!