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Power Supply 220-240V~ 50Hz
Total Pressure Efficiency ≥23%
Nominal Pressure 340Pa
Air Flow Rate 19m³/min
Maximum Static Pressure 430Pa
Rated Input Power of the Main Motor 220W
Rated Input Power of the Hood 222W
Maximum Input Power of the Light ≤2W
Grease Separation Rate ≥92%
Odour Decrease Rate (Normal) ≥98%
Odour Decrease Rate (Instantaneous) ≥80%
Noise 57dB
Net Weight of the Host 27.5kg
Dimension(L×W×H) 895×399×548(mm)

Item Specifications:
AA Alkaline 1.5 Voltage Batteries(LR6) x 8

Backup Power: Micro USB cable from a smartphone portable charger (not included)

Operation Method:

Accessibility 5 way(Smartphone app, Fingerprint, Password, Key tag, Emergency key)

Weight 3.4kg (including both inner and outer bodies)

Product Dimensions:
Outer Body
(including the handle) 86.2mm(W)x391mm(H)x68.5mm(D)
Inner Body
(including the handle) 88mm(W)x392.1mm(H)x63.8mm(D)